“Thoughtful Thursday”

Dear Diary

Thank you again for this beautiful sunrise. I’m truly grateful for my surroundings and will continue to practice being mindful of all things. Meditation, yoga & medical marijuana have saved my soul and I have never been healthier! Experiencing how powerful my thinking mind really is, excites me & I am unstoppable 🌟

The miracles meditation and yoga have done for my chronic back pain are UNBELIEVABLE! At the beginning of this journey- looking down at my toes…stressed my neck, shoulders, spine..etc…and I was in unbearable pain. Not to mention “downward dog” and I had fallen out of touch. If you’re still doubting my banter, enjoy this short clip. ✌🏼🧘‍♀️💨💨💨

Happy Thursday🤙🏼🤸🏼‍♂️

Breaking old habits…

Dear Diary…

You didn’t tell me it would be this hard, but you also failed to mention- the accomplishment feels great! Almost fell down the “black hole of hell!”

I stopped, scanned my body, felt all the knots I had just built up in a moment of stress.. inhale…exhale…💨💨

You are here to shine the light. Stay on your path! I have been given the coordinates to love unconditionally with no barriers.

You got this!


A message from the “Heavenly Father”..on a Tuesday?

Dear Diary,

I know I am a little late with this entry, but I gotta get this quick and NOW! No more will I be keeping a “mental note”, WTF – WHAT A WEEK!.  My entire life for as long as I can remember I am the person that, “it happens too!”  I have never shied away from a situation I didn’t understand.  I love new adventures and meeting new people.  It is self gratifying for me knowing at the end of my visit with someone or completion of a task, It was accomplished with a positive attitude and always ready to apologize immediately.  My daily meditation practice has cleared my mental vision, allowed me to let go of so much pain, disappointment and tedious nuances I let my sub conscious become a bestie with, NO MORE! In recent weeks, so many incredible “small victories” have been happening all around me. I no longer dread coughing in the morning (for fear of contracting my lower abdominal/lower back area screeching in pain because the pressure on my lower back is excruciating), my lower back is getting stronger daily, sleeping on the floor is getting easier, I have an established morning routine that I NOW KNOW my body, mind and soul REQUIRE for me to be the woman I’ve been hiding from for so many years. I am ready to show and receive love, kindness, thoughtfulness and especially with my family. It is now our time to heal as one, forgive one another and respect one another. I have found a happy space for me to exist that is filled with mindfulness, patience and compassion.

Practicing mindfulness, has allowed me see deeply inside myself and become more aware of everything surrounding me.  Yes, I believe in coincidences (I have always loved them, like an immediate ice breaker!)

But…why….why AM I ALWAYS in those situations? Is there such thing as too many coincidences in life? Are my vibrations being felt? Is it Laws of Attraction? Do I have a higher power watching over me?  After the kind of week I have had……smiling…I just do not have the imagination nor energy to make it up, I have always expected the Unexpected, and THAT is when my soul thrives!


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Had a fantastic “Sunday Funday!” we all started at Ash’s for a bit of a pre-party to celebrate in Ash’s new apartment. It is so fantastic and I am over the mood grateful to be a surrounded by women with so much strength! It was a great time for us “mom’s” to take a shower, put on some mascara, lip gloss and LAUGH OUT LOUD!


I consider this “Sunday crew” my “Spiritual Tribe“, we all one thing in common, we believe in a “higher power“, “spirituality” and WE HAVE all received a message from A MESSENGER of GOD. (c’mon some things I can’t even make up so please..bare with me, I feel silly writing it down!)  My tribe and I headed to fabulous “Gratitude Celebration”, who doesn’t want to be uplifted and be surrounded by that positive energy. Afterwards, I had a surprise!

“How about we all head into Chinatown for some Ecstatic Dance?”

It was a blast! En route, there was some hesitation and resistance…but after positive affirmations and meditation, we arrived “in town”, on the street, AND PARKING RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE BUILDING! WOW! (if you know anything about Hawaii parking, YOU would agree it TAKES A HIGHER POWER to find ANY kind of parking near your destination!:) And let the fun begin!

HeArt Dance – Ecstatic Dance Harmony (The ARTS at Marks Garage): One of the most amazing experiences to kick off my 2018! We arrive, enter the building, trying to ignore and act totally “cool”, because it is dark, lots of tea lights and a dark curtain.  After a delicious sip of delicious “cacao“, we proceed to discover WHAT IS BEHIND that black curtain! Not only was the most amazing hostess greeting everyone, all the people we came in contact with were so friendly. We all joined hands, received the good vibes from one another and prepared to start our dance journey. (I must admit I was not sure what to expect..) Then like a breath of fresh air, my body began moving and I was unstoppable – it is a “bucket list” worthy mention! (On a separate level of energy, that I share with these wonderful women) do we UNDERSTAND, how much THAT experience healed our soul and lifted us. The drive home was jovial and relaxed, we all NEEDED THAT!


My “Spiritual Tribe!” We all share a spiritual belief and that is our religion. We all know our energy the “Laws of Attraction” have brought us together. We have an unspoken connection. I am truly blessed.

Monday, January 15, 2018 (Martin Luther King Day)

Yeah NO SCHOOL! (what to do in Hawaii?) BEACH TIME! Started my morning routine on a harmonious note and set an intention: to be mindful, patience and think of my family first) – And I needed that reminder planning on heading to the beach on a holiday. It was great! I had secured a spot early in the morning, making our afternoon hang out that much more fun! We all had a really great time. The kids were scared of doing handstands, and for the FIRST TIME EVER in my life, I got up, balanced against a tree and  did a handstand! That’s right! It was JAW DROPPING…lol…my family has NEVER seen me do something so OPPOSITE ME!~ the OLD ME:) It was so inspiring that for the FIRST TIME EVER, my hubby stands up and does the same thing! We rocked it out as “team parents” and the kids continued until they all succeeded in holding a handstand. #proudparents #teensneedfamilytime  That evening after we all settled in and I was so inspired by new found energy and outlook, I started my meditation meet-up group! (That idea has been burning on my mind for weeks and I felt I was ready! I stayed up late and it was so worth it! #startsomewhere!


DONE & DONE! My “meditation” meet-up Kailua Energy group page was complete! (My motivation that evening was unstoppable)

Tuesday, January 16, 2017 (KIDS BACK TO SCHOOL!)

(alarm set)

5:15 am Wake-up/stretch

5:30 am Get dressed

5:45 am Head out

6am 5K


Great Tuesday morning run! My lungs and hips were in sync and I felt energized!

7am return home/kids ready for school

7:30 am start breakfast/drop off duty at school

8 am clean cafeteria

8:05 am leave school early…and run into Dion Warwick” (aka Eva who is a messenger from God https://beyondheartbeats.com) she is remarkable woman with a true gift. In my three years in Hawaii, I have experienced two tragic events and FOR BOTH (COMPLETLY RANDOM) she approached me with a message from my guardian angel. In the past when she has shared these “messages” I have always received they half hearted, because there is a doubtful side that does not want to believe in her gift, maybe because I  scared to know the truth?…uhh needless to say en route to my car to start off my day, I see her walking towards me. A quick hello, and then out of no where, she gives me this wiry smile and says, “we need to talk, they have a message for you.” I knew what that meant, I gave a huge smile and said, “goodbye!”

8:10 am Eva texts me a photo of clouds and automatically knew what that meant! She see’s something!!!


The photo sent by Eva at 8:10 am (Eva said, the Heavenly Father has a message for you) Keolu dr, Kailua HI

8:15 am Eva is on her way to my house for some coffee. I am excited for her visit and quickly start talking for fear she is going to begin talking about her message from the “Heavenly Father!” With so much progress I have been making in yoga and sleeping on the floor, I did not need any distractions. I invited her to my newly renovated yoga studio and wanted to share a relaxing kundalini stretch with her. Just as I was preparing our music, she abruptly interrupts me and very sternly says, “ENOUGH! STOP! They need me to give you a message, they say you are ready, please lay down.”

8:25 amThere I was laid out on my yoga mat, with no clue what would happen next. But I was certain whatever it was, it was going to lead me to something bigger than us all, after all I was about to receive a “message from the Heavenly Father.” And so I closed my eyes, she began to count and the journey began. She began a session similar to Past Life Regression. It was amazing, I was able to revisit the first happiest moment I remembered, I was able to see my future (at least where I envision to be in the next 5 years) and I was be guided by my guardian angel, my grandfather. I followed a couple lights and then there I was in my mothers womb! From my shoulders to my knees I remember feeling completely paralyzed, Eva was talking me through it and it was wonderful. My mother’s womb felt warm, cozy, secure and I felt so loved. Eva then asked if I could see a light, I responded, “yes” she urges me to “go to the light, what do you see?” I went into the light and like a new born baby I saw all my family members, uncles, aunts, mother, it was an unbelievable feeling. Eva then mentioned that this part of the message, my angels wanted to show me why I was born, to shine, to be a positive light to my family. She continued guiding me down the stairs to see my PRESENT life, she counted down 3-2 & 1…(silence) I was standing at the end of a road with one street light shining above and my grandfather stood to my left. He did not make a sound (however he never really was a chatty one) his presence was so comforting and although I saw nothing, I was not scared. Because behind my grandfather I could see an open path lined with Angels leading me into another light. Eva asked if I could see the light and prepared me to begin walking up, she began counting, 4-3, 2 & 1! I had arrived back at my garden and to my surprise I saw my two children and husband, separated in an almost triangle shape and above each of them was a dark cloud, and I was able to see and truly feel deep in my heart all the pain and hurt they are currently battling internally. I then began to sob. Eva asked, “why are you crying,” I shared, “that I could see and feel the pain I have been ignoring from my family.”…. (Had a wall of bullshit just broken down?) Without another thought I was comforted again by my guardian angel whose presence was enough to calm me down and rejoice in the feeling knowing that I have now been shown my true purpose on earth. To be the shining light and positive force for my family and all those around me, it is I that has been born to this world to share my light that I have been gifted. (WOW MIND-BLOWING) Eva lead me to another light, (with her counting) a light above my head, a crown/halo like shape and there I was, standing in the center, and this time my grandfather was now on my right side, and to my left I saw a shoulder of what looked like a woman, with soft arms smooth skin and feminine hands.  I was standing close enough to feel her presence behind me.  Then l felt my mouth open to breathe and I began to cry. Eva asks, “what do you see, why are you crying?” (and without hesitation) I responded, “I am saying good bye to my grandfather, I’m giving him a hug, he is holding me so tight”, Eva says, “it is time for him to go now and watch over the family.” I watched as he disappeared to my right, and there I was standing tall, proud and felt so secure next to this woman. I never saw her face, (nor was I curious, it didn’t really matter, especially because I was in such a comfortable place as if she was a family member.) Eva asks, “do you see a sign anywhere? Can you read the sign? What are the words you see? Indeed I did see a sign, it was a triangle sign that was completely black, and when I focused in on it, I saw the word, “FAMILY” then, “UPLIFTED” then, “POWER“, “ENERGY“, “GO“, and “CONFIDENT” .. Eve says, “This woman you are standing with is in charge of creation of the human beings. She is a part of us. (Like a mother, womb created of man kind..we are the essence that gives light to everything.) In the knowing, you have expanded, you have been lifted. Your vibration is now more expanded. You are now living through the language of “good spirit”. You have arrived where you are now on your own terms to be a healthier, you. You’ve manifested gifts from the Father, kindness, compassion, love – you can’t buy it nor monetize it. In order to create your world, now its time to honor yourself first so you can continue to help others heal.  I remember, feeling my chest, rise to inhale and my belly soften to exhale. My third eye was (crystal clear, like I was watching a movie) I saw myself laying down, and Eve’s voice above me, soaking into my pores, fueling my soul with guidance, acceptance and reassurance (similar to having dry skin and then realizing the miracles a little moisturizer can do to dry skin, I need more moisturizing in my life!) Eve, counted down and I felt it was coming to an end, she counted, “4-3, 2-1… Open your eyes!” And with the flash of an open eye, The world looked so clear, and my immediate response after (if we are being honest), was I shut my eyes tightly, and we both began to giggle. Eve says, “The Heavenly Father wanted you to know why you came to earth…to shine light on your family.

When the session was over Eve graciously meditated with me, I thanked her for her wonderful message.


Evangeline (Eve) and I after she delivered my “message from the Heavenly Father”.

2:30 pm Beach to meditate (after morning session with Eve, I felt deflated, limp, light, dizzy, I needed air!)

While at the beach I felt a new energy I was breathing deeply into my lungs, it felt illuminating and frightening all together. I felt alive, my vision was clear, my heart completely open. After meditation, I decided to be silly taking a jumping selfie (always reenergizes me) – hoping to snap out of the unexplainable feeling I had. (For the record) it was the highest jump I have ever felt my body lift and my arms shot out straight to the sky… I felt my inner self IGNITE!


“Vibration: a person’s emotional state, the atmosphere of a place, or the associations of an object, as communicated and felt by others.” (Kailua, HI)

That evening I was spent physically exhausted, from mentally cleansing, seizing and releasing blockages in my head.

**P.S. before falling asleep, I laid still to scan my body. “OMG” My right foot was itching soooo bad, an unbearable tickling sensation. My last thought was, “itchy right footmeans I am getting money”, then I thought, “hush, go to sleep you don’t need money.”

The above audio was after the session. #gaurdianangelsexist

Chakra with Me!

I have done several chakra classes and without a doubt have always left me with an incredible sense of inner peace. I have discovered my Third Eye, also known as my 3D world.

“Meditation on the third eye, known as trataka, is one of the best ways to activate the third eye chakra (ajna chakra), or energy point, and open yourself up to the possibilities of greater feeling and understanding.”

If you have never tried it, I encourage you to try it with me.  Give yourself a 30 minute time out, you deserve it! Discover your power! Discover what your vibration feels like, imagine the ability of letting go without hesitation.

Discovering the true power of meditation is both exciting and frightening. I am able to be in a mindset of complete self-awareness. I am able to visualize, create and live in my own 3D world. In searching for peace and tranquility, I have become very aware of all the pain I have allowed to take residence in my mind, body and soul. In my 3D world for the first time I am able to truly feel the pain, the heartache, and with a pure and honest heart I am discovering I have the power and strength to heal.



Cleanse & Activate your 7 Chakras in 20 minutes leaving you feeling Energized & Recharged! Visit http://www.ManifestoNow.com if you are interested in a Powerful Personalized Meditation made just for YOU!

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