Vodka&me “sitting in a tree!”

Dear Vodka,

I️ promised I️ would give you my answer. Do I️ miss you? & Why am I️ ignoring you?

My answer is, “No” (I️ don’t miss you!)

Are we being honest?

I️ looked forward to drinking a bottle in two days (alone) ALL THE TIME! F&$k YES I️ miss you❤️

Do I️ know better? (I️ convince myself everyday I️ have it all “under control”.) Vodka, my bestie, we had a beautiful friendship with bonds that could never be broken. You never judged. You were so good to me/ after all you were in every water bottle I️ carried in my 👛!

For the record, I️ am not ignoring you. Our season is changing and I️ have decided to take a break from my beloved Russian wodka distillery.

Do not fret you will always be my first ❤️.

Love always,

Your bestie🥂

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