Parenting a “hifun autism” teen…


Dear teen parent,

(who thinks you understand what raising a high functioning/ADHD teen is like)

much like raising the tallest third grader in class everyday. And until that UNKNOWN DAY….And you better be ready for it….

Your “hifun” expresses a new emotion and added vocabulary AND 💥 HUGE WIN! You’ve just witnessed his brain make magic! (Praise JESUS he gave you a HUG on his own- an act you’ve practiced for 13years and he just understood why hugging might mean love:)

It’s those moments of BAM “💥” CELEBRATION TIME! REJOICE💥and pat yourself on the back- WE ARE TRYING OUR BEST.

And tonight while YOUR teenager is hanging out a friends house or birthday party – my son is home and would like us to explain why students act the way they do at school. His questions are:

Mom why does everyone laugh when Mike starts humping the table and making loud painting noises…like he’s running real fast?

Mom what does “slob on your knob” mean? (It’s a popular song can we YouTube it?)

Mom is the movie saying if you break your arm people will help you?

……and even after weekend family night answering all his questions….we hope and pray that no matter the lack of eye contact or lack of any visible emotion- he responds, “thank you”. 💥💥(WIN💥WIN HE REMEMBERS MANNERS!) and now you try and block that conversation out, because next weekend when YOUR teen is asking to practice being independent and taking risks with peers NO QUESTIONS ASKED! (And you’re annoyed by their maturity) give me a holla, come hangout and answer my teens questions …(I’ll even give you a copy of the questions!) same time, same place, same questions for time UNKNOWN – my 🏡!

Text to confirm! This captures a huge 💥! He’s not pulling away & smiling- this is years of behavior therapy practice! BRAVO SON💥💥 Mahalo🌺

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