“Creative Cannabis Cursive” thought 💨

Dear Playground moms,

(who judge my decision of using medical marijuana – but when “it’s CLEAR” you ask for a hit!) Are we really doing this? You do understand we are all 40+ years of age right? We work out together 3 times a week, and love marathons! You always complement my exceptional hosting talent with an exceptional “eye for detail!” Not to mention your compliments of my kid’s manners🌟

And now because I’ve chosen to responsibly choose medical marijuana – AND PEOPLE MIGHT KNOW…

BAM 💥 just like that – YOUR perception of ME has been shaken!

Not to worry, I️ understand medical marijuana usage is still a taboo and very much frowned upon. I️ think it’s awesome I’m you’re FIRST MEDICAL MARIJUANA friend. DONT FORGET that supermom who throws DA BEST FIESTAS!


P.S. yes, I️ can watch your 4 kids this weekend, we’ll be at the beach house💕

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