I am just like you. I wake up everyday setting an Intention to be the Best Version of myself. To be in the PRESENT! I am an awesome mom, supportive wife, community contributor, don’t forget medical marijuana is my choice for management. After years of harboring disappointment, embarrassment and guilt – I am DONE! Being physically and mentally imbalanced “sometimes” and my of choice in medication DOES NOT define who I am. They have been my “pretty little secrets” I have hidden from you, because I am that AWARE of my behavior. I have been so afraid to share with you for fear of being judged, because I care so much about what you think about me..Oh wait – I DON’T!.

Writing has always been my “#1 form of therapy.” Join me as I share the “raw and unedited episodes” of my life. I am an almost FABULOUS 40 mom of two SHINING STARS, self proclaimed International Lady of Luxury, currently residing in Hawaii!

(And my tone is always witty with a hint of silly sarcasm. :)Mahalo🧘‍♀️💨💨